worship: reconnect with god

We were made to worship.  Worship isn't stroking God's ego.  Worship is seeing the world--and life--in the right way.  It's seeing life as it is, with God in charge.  God designed us and God designed all of life.  When we worship, we're seeing reality.  

Worship is more than music and it's more than a gathered time for worship.  But it's never less than that.  God commands His people to gather to worship (Matthew 4:8-10; Psalm 95:6).  While we need to worship on our own, there's something special that happens when we are together.

We have weekly worship gatherings at 11:00 AM each Sunday as well as special extra times for worship such as Good Friday, Christmas Eve, and so on.

praise team & Choir

Our praise team is led by worship leader Mike Lagosz (right) and our choir by Patrick Hathaway (second from the right).  We strive for a dynamic blend of contemporary and traditional elements.  Above all, we believe that the whole congregation is the real praise team!  We all come with instruments of heart, mind and body to worship.

Want to be on the team?  God's word tells us that we are called to be good stewards of our abilities (Matthew 25:14-30).  If you have skill with an instrument or vocal talents, you are invited to be part of worship leadership.