Revitalize the world

• This church looks outward to serve non-Christians and the un-churched in order to reach them for Jesus Christ. This is woven into everything we do.

• Christians are called to express their love for the greater community by God-honoring service in the name of Jesus that uplifts and improves the community. This service is a vital part of our witness to the redeeming reality of Jesus Christ.

• Outreach orientation requires awareness of our culture and connecting to people as they are and where they are. When a choice is made between serving needs of those on the inside or reaching out to others, we are committed in advance toward ministry to those outside. This is done to fulfill our purpose to make more disciples for Jesus Christ.

• We practice revitalization our world in four dimensions of CARE:

 City: the city of Fallbrook

 Area: North Central San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County, California

 Region: California, the American West and the United States at large

 Everywhere: all nations, especially where Christ is not known

nothing changes the world more the the gospel of jesus

History and experience tells us that nothing changes lives like the good news of Jesus--that He is God the Son, incarnate for us; that He came and revealed the character and nature of God.  He laid down His life for us, bearing all of our sins on the cross.  Death did not defeat Him; He rose from the dead, giving us God's justification.  He now reigns at the right hand of God.  He cares for you and invites you to be part of His eternal family.  He is coming again, to finish the business of redemption.

The truth of this message has changed more lives, more marriages, more families and more nations than any other message in the history of this world.  

The good news urges me to accept my own limitations, and to be gentle with the limits of others.  It enables me to see others as people who Jesus would go to the cross for, and accept as love them as God does.  The cross changes everything! 

we're not an institution. we're a movement.

When we think of the word, “church”, many of us think of an institution.  Instead, I’m asking you, whenever you think of the word church, think movement, not institution.

Jesus started a movement.  The Spirit of God came to set that movement on fire.

It’s a movement of reconnecting with God, of people getting their lives realigned with God and then those same people revitalizing their world.

In a word, it’s a movement of love.

Here in Fallbrook, I believe that CBC has a special ministry calling, to people in need.  We are not the wealthy, the power-brokers.  We are the hard-scrappers, people whose lives have been challenging.  Because of that, we appreciate even more how wonderful God’s grace is, and we in turn become people of grace one toward another.

CBC’s ministry is then a ministry of love to the lost and broken; an outreach; a safe haven; a place and a people of hope, renewal and new beginnings.  

This, I believe, is the heart and soul of God’s calling on CBC in this community.  This is our spiritual DNA.  It’s our blueprint.  


go global

Revitalization includes the global expansion of the church of Jesus Christ.  We support numerous missionaries (see under Links).  We are planning a mission support trip to North Baja to support the ministry of Tim and Patti Long, of International Ministries.