Glenn Layne

Lead Pastor

Glenn Layne is originally from Ohio, but has also pastored churches in California, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.  He and his wife Lynann are parents of two adult children, Colin and Charis.  Glenn has a BA from Alderson-Broaddus University (Philippi WV), a MA from Ohio University (Athens), and both a MDiv and DMin from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (S. Hamilton, MA).  He has also taught on the seminary level and done pastoral coaching.  He is the author of several books on Amazon and currently serves as a pastor mentor leader for a group of TM Church pastors.  

Veronica Carlson

Children's and Youth ministry director

Veronica is a real go-getter for youth and children's ministry. She's a dedicated mom and loves Jesus and His church. Originally from Chicagoland.

Mike Lagosz

worship leader

Mike and Lauren and their five children bring a lot of energy to worship at CBC. God did a work in their lives, and they came to Christ out of the grunge music scene. This is Mike's first time leading worship in this capacity, and we're thankful to have Mike on board.

Jeannie Hathaway

office manager/administrative ministry

Jeannie is originally from Alberta, Canada, and works at CBC--she's kind of the voice of the church (she answers the phone!) She also helps with worship ministry and with missions/outreach.

Patrick Hathaway

choir leader

Patrick loves Jesus, Jeannie and CBC! Originally from Ontario, Canada, Patrick works in the area of in-flight entertainment technology.  He is past president of the Fallbrook Chorale.  (No, he doesn't wear a tux...most often an Hawaiian shirt)

Ray Bennett


Ray (pictured with wife Jeen) is a retired Ford executive that helps in Pastor Care.  Ray also has an extensive ministry with the Church Health Advocate Team of Transformation Ministries.

Mike Morgan

Property Management

Mike works hard to keep things looking good at CBC. Mike helped build our buildings and recently retired from Joe's Hardware in Fallbrook.

Amberly Arnal

Children & family outreach

Our newest team member is Amberly Arnal, who lives in Vista (soon moving to Temecula).  Her focus is outreach to children, youth and their families.