Our Mission

A timeless expression of Jesus’ mandate for the church

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus.  No more, no less.

our vision

A focused exploration of Jesus’ mandate for our particular church

We're here to make disciples of Jesus here in the Fallbrook area.  A disciple reconnects to God through worship, to realign their life through active efforts to grow and who are then enabled to revitalize their world.

Our Values

Values are what we prize as crucial

In 2019, we re-defined our values in such a way to encompass both our mission and vision with what we call our Five Gs:

These five things form the heart and soul of Community Baptist Church. They are our values, beliefs and commitments. We believe that all we do should uphold these five things:

GOSPEL: The Good News about how God sent Jesus to bring hope and new life to all who believe. This is what our church is all about: to make Him known.

GATHERING: We come together to celebrate this Good News in worship, and this weekly gathering is a high priority.

GROWING: We are called to grow in our faith about the Good News for our entire lives; we study, we pray, and we come together to grow in groups.

GIVING: We respond to the Good News by giving our time, resources, and personal efforts to serve one another and our world.

GOING: We share the Good News locally and globally and we support those who go to share the gospel.