Our Mission

A timeless expression of Jesus’ mandate for the church

“We exist to lead people into an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ by reconnecting with God (worship), realigning your life (discipleship) and revitalizing the world (outreach).”

our vision

A focused exploration of Jesus’ mandate for our particular church

“This church exists to be a bridge which enables the people of all faith and ethnic backgrounds from across Fallbrook and the surrounding area to reconnect with God through Jesus Christ. He realigns us in heart and deed to the design of the Father, from being unbelievers to active missionaries, who revitalize their world. In this way, year by year, we will see more and more people who are more and more like Jesus.”

Our Values

What we prize as crucial

Reconnect to God through worship

  • Jesus taught that loving God is the first great commandment.  
  • We exist to love God and express that love through worship.
  • We delight to constantly have God on our minds and in our conversations.
  • We reconnect weekly together and daily on our own

Realign Your Life through personal spiritual growth and service

  • Jesus modeled through how He led His disciples that the small group is the best forum for continued spiritual growth
  • Christians are disciples—believers who are learning and changing to be more like Jesus, which is the normal experience of growing Christians.
  • We will continually adapt our way of doing discipleship in order to maximize spiritual growth.  
  • We also realign our lives through service one to another; service is where the church learns humility and expresses love.  
  • Jesus taught that loving one another is the second great commandment, and He modeled it in His example.  
  • Fellowship is a vital ingredient in spiritual growth, service and outreach. Fellowship is the environment that both enables growth and is the first arena of service.
  • Christians are called to express their love for fellow-believers by serving one another; they are also called to seek the good of the community in which they live

Revitalize Your World through service, outreach and evangelism

This church looks outward to serve non-Christians and the un-churched in order to reach them for Jesus Christ. This is woven into everything we do.

  • Christians are called to express their love for the greater community by God-honoring service in the name of Jesus that uplifts and improves the community. This service is a vital part of our witness to the redeeming reality of Jesus Christ.
  • Outreach orientation requires awareness of our culture and connecting to people as they are and where they are. When a choice is made between serving needs of those on the inside or reaching out to others, we are committed in advance toward ministry to those outside. This is done to fulfill our purpose to make more disciples for Jesus Christ. 
  • We practice revitalization our world in four dimensions of CARE:
  • City: the city of Fallbrook
  • Area: Northwest Central San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County, California
  • Region: California, the American West and the United States at large
  • Everywhere: all nations, especially where Christ is not known